Lawn products for sale

At the Garden Nursery of the Gulf you will always find a wide selection of lawn products, seeds, expertise and courtesy to help you in the management of your turf.

We would also like to remind you that Vivaio Del Golfo carries out planting works, design, construction and consulting of turf and fixed and occasional maintenance, with customized solutions and free estimates. Also, look at Bryan’s take on purely organic lawn food.

Here is a brief overview of lawn products for sale by us:

Carbon fertilisers (derma nitrogen)

Fertiliser rich in organic matter, carbon, humic acids. It is used to enrich the soil with humus, the turf benefits from it all year round. It releases nutrients very slowly. It is the fertilizer to be used in autumn before the winter vegetation rest.

Calcium-based hardening fertiliser

It is a type of fertiliser that makes the lawn leaves much harder, making it particularly resistant to intense trampling. It is used on football fields, and in restaurants with frequent outdoor ceremonies and similar uses.

Nitrogen fertilizers with immediate release (growth)

The use of Growth 19-5-10 is particularly suitable for both spring and autumn vegetative push fertilization. The bioavailability of Nitrogen is in perfect synchrony with the activity of the root system. This, also linked to a low level of salinity, allows a reduction in fertilizer distribution, limiting or concentrating the traditional nitrogenous cover fertilization. Immediate colour effect due to the presence of Magnesium completely soluble in water. Distribute Growth on dry and shaved lawn, then carry out light irrigation. Does not stain.

Potash fertilizers with controlled release (pre stress, doctor k)

Fertilizer that reduces the presence of water inside the tissues of the plant, making it more resistant to fungal pathogens. It is used before the summer heat period, generally from June to August.

Seeds of all types

Vivaio Del Golfo sells seeds of all types, of the most common turf species (festuca-poa, cynodon dactylon, dicondra repens, clover dwarf, lolium perennis etc. etc.) both commercial and highly professional types (tempoverde seeds). We have both consumer packs (1 kg = 40 m2) and 10 kg packs.


This is a liquid product, based on mycorrhizal fungus spores, which makes the lawn much more resistant to disease and drought. It is a ‘mutualism’, i.e. an alliance, a union between the roots of the lawn and the hyphae (roots) of certain types of particular fungi. The mycorrhizae make the lawns much more resistant to stress, pathogens and summer heat. They are sold in the form of spore solutions to inoculate on lawns to mycorrhize them.

Organic products for the prevention and treatment of fungal diseases

These are organic products, harmless for human health and the environment, which perform the function of protection, prevention and treatment of the turf from fungal diseases typical of high temperatures. They are to be sprayed on the turf at variable doses and periods depending on the type of grass and the time of year.

Selective herbicides

Substances capable of drying weeds, but harmless to the turf. There are many types, depending on the type of weed.

Ready to roll lawn

On order, Vivaio del Golfo sells ready to roll lawns, of various types, and with a small addition delivers it directly to your home!

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