Lavender: How to Grow It in Pots and on the Ground in 5 Steps

Cultivating the lavender does not require too much attention. Indeed, it is a plant with a large capacity of adaptation with respect to the soil in which it finds itself having to grow.

To get a beautiful plant just choose the most suitable place and fertilize it when it really needs. Without too much care, at the beginning of summer, lavender will give you its scents and colors.

Grow lavender in soil and in pots

Lavender, in addition to being a useful plant in the home, is very beautiful and is really simple to grow.

This plant is suitable for both soil and potted crops but needs both spaces for both. If you want to plant it in the ground, leave some soil between one plant and another. For pot cultivation, it is better to use a very large one for each plant, otherwise, in summer it should be repotted due to too-rapid growth.

Location and watering

Lavender loves the sun and the heat and to grow luxuriantly it will need to be placed in full light for almost the whole day. Wet the plant regularly in the early morning or in the evening but do not abound with water. Do not allow stagnant water to form under the roots which could cause it to rot.


To obtain a soil that is nutritious and that favors drainage it is necessary to mix it with sand and organic matter. To prepare the compost, set aside the shells of the eggs, the ash from the fireplace and the peels of the fruit and vegetables. Added to the earth it will help lavender to grow luxuriant and fragrant.


At the end of summer, if the ground level around the lavender has dropped, it is advisable to add new soil. In addition, it is necessary to fertilize it every 2 years with an organic product. The suitable period for fertilizing in spring and at the end of the summer season.


At the end of summer, lavender will also begin to fade in anticipation of winter. To reinforce it, proceed with pruning in late August.

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