How to Protect Garden Tools From Rust

Leaving the suburban hacienda, the summer resident leaves garden equipment in the cold utility rooms. The temperature in them sometimes changes very sharply, while the metal of the instruments often sweats. And since the tools are made, as a rule, not from stainless steel, but ordinary metal, then it begins to rust when it fogs. Such an inventory will not last long. To avoid damage to the tools, before storing them at the end of the season, all-metal parts must be lubricated. Most often, negrol, solid oil, and other mineral oils are taken as a lubricant. Next year while working on the beds.

Lubricant is in the soil. However, it is not worth polluting the site with oil products, even in small quantities. It is better to use animal and vegetable fats, such as lard, vegetable oil, for lubrication. In the earth, they quickly decompose. Before long winter storage, it is recommended to remove the tools from the shaft, as it is almost always made of wood, which quickly deteriorates in the area of ​​contact with metal and becomes rotten. Separately, the handles are better preserved, and it is more convenient to fold tools in one place. But even with a tool removed from the handle, it is not always possible to reliably protect the entire surface with grease. You can protect the metal from corrosion in another way: just dip it in a solution of copper sulfate.

Iron is a more active reducing agent than copper, so the thin surface layer of iron will be replaced by copper atoms, and the solution will become iron-copper sulfate. A solid copper film on the surface of choppers and shovels with a thickness of 0.25-0.3 mm will reliably protect them from rust. By the way, the solution can be stored until spring, so that you can use it after trimming to disinfect hollows and large wounds on trees.

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