How to Keep Snails Away From the Garden and Vegetable Garden

Keeping snails away from the garden and from the vegetable garden is essential in order not to ruin the long work of the last few months. Although many chemicals can be purchased on the market to remove them, it is not always advisable to use them.

These types of substances penetrate the soil and being absorbed by fruit and vegetables they could be dangerous if used for feeding. In addition, many of the chemicals on the market are very toxic to animals Pet.

Let’s find out how to get rid of snails with natural DIY solutions.

Protective curtain against snails

To create a dream garden and an intact vegetable garden it is important to build protected barriers. A very natural and inexpensive system to eradicate the snail problem is to create a protective curtain by mixing simple ingredients. By creating a mixture of sand, bran, coffee grounds, ash, eggshells and sawdust, the garden will be protected with a very simple solution. In case of rain, it is advisable to repeat the treatment along the entire perimeter.

The salt remedy

The salt is a good ally to keep away snails from the garden. To eliminate the possibility that the grass in the garden and vegetable garden is nibbled, it is advisable to arrange the salt along the entire perimeter to be protected. Especially after very wet days, remember to “reinforce” the barrier with new handfuls.

Trap with beer

In addition to protecting the garden from aphids and parasites, it is also important to do so from snails. For this DIY solution, you will need to bury a glass jar full of beer to the brim. Placed flush with the earth, it will attract greedy beer snails who will be trapped in the jar.

The remedy for copper wire

In case you did not have time to prepare the solutions indicated before, a viable alternative is to use the wire of copper. Placed on the ground along with the lawn and the vegetable garden to be protected, it will keep the snails away.

“Host” a hedgehog in the garden

In case you see a hedgehog walking in the garden, don’t move it away. This very tender animal is very fond of snails and will be a perfect host who will solve your problem.

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