How to Grow Garlic on the Balcony in 4 Quick Steps

Garlic is one of the ingredients that are used more in the kitchen. The ability to grow it at home allows you to be assured of having always at disposal of fresh and very natural. Growing it at home or on the balcony is a very simple operation and does not require you to have a green thumb.

In Italy, many varieties guarantee to enrich each dish with a little more flavor.

So why go and buy if you can grow it so simple and fast. In just a few weeks you will have your supply of garlic at your disposal without the need to spend money in grocery stores or supermarkets.

A little patience, the temperature, and adequate watering will allow the new garlic plant to grow luxuriant and robust giving in a few days food with multiple beneficial properties that must never be missing in the pantry.

4) Choose the suitable vase

The pot that will host the cultivation of the garlic plant must be of the appropriate size. Not too small because it would risk preventing the roots from growing and developing in the soil. For the roots to grow there must be enough space. If you opt for a too-large pot it would be useless, unless you decide to plant more than one. Once you make the choice must insert the cloves of garlic into the soil. Pay attention burying it leaving discover the tip and then wet the earth around the future plant.

3) Watering and temperature

The garlic seedling must be watered regularly, avoiding abounding with water in one go, there is a risk of rotting the sprout. The growth of the garlic plant requires a neutral type of soil, and after 7-10 days the first shoots should be glimpsed. If the flowers are present, even if tiny, it is necessary to eliminate them. In this way, you will not risk altering the taste of garlic, which could turn into sweet.

2) To obtain large segments

The first secret to getting the heads garlic fairly large is to plant the cloves of great size in the ground. Furthermore, the adequate temperature to make the plant grow luxuriant and robust is between 15 and 20 degrees. Furthermore, when they are buried, the garlic cloves must not be overturned, so that the plant does not struggle to get out of the ground.

1) Choice of the variety

Only in our country, there are thirty varieties of different garlic, then which one to choose? The most widely used is the Allium sativum, but you can opt for the’ red garlic of Sulmona or garlic of Caraglio. Once the fruits are ready you will have to keep away from the refrigerator and sources of heat, being careful not to exceed the 20 degrees.

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