How to Get a Vegetable Garden on the Balcony With Bags in 4 Moves

The need to know what you eat is growing more and more and the vegetable garden in the city is no longer just a fashion, but a real practice for obtaining fresh vegetables without the need to buy them.

Making discreet cultivation on your balcony is possible thanks to the bags of potting soil. On the market, you can find specific ones for each type of vegetable to be grown. Fertilize them well and place them in a sunny place are the fundamental principles to get the most out of this type of alternative garden.

This simple technique will allow you to create a real 100% natural cultivation even if you do not have large spaces available. For those who live in the city, a small balcony and some precautions will give fresh vegetables all year round.

4) How the bags work

Cultivating in bags is possible thanks to the use of particular packs of soil that can be reused for a much longer period than the others. In fact, these types of bags suitable for cultivation can last up to three years.

These convenient packs of earth can practically replace the flower beds and the missing pieces in the garden. On the market, there are different compounds for growing various vegetables. In fact, the soil is made to encourage the cultivation of certain types of vegetables as much as possible, diversifying the degree of acidity thanks to the components present inside.

3) Basic rules

First, it is important to place the bags in a place very sunny, and before planting, we must puncture the bag. The holes are necessary for the drainage of water in the lower part, while in the upper part to plant future vegetables. Furthermore, in order not to be mistaken, the bags are equipped with indicators to position each plant at the right distance. To make everything tidier it is advisable to place the bags inside some pallets with a saucer. In this way, they will be more orderly and there will be no risk of upsetting them.

2) Fertilize well

To obtain the maximum result from the cultivation in bags it will be necessary to fertilize very well at least for the first cycles of the harvest. Fertilizing the soil will create the right habitat for the plants and it will also be possible to obtain multiple productions. The fertilizer to be purchased can also be of biological and organic origin. For example, lettuce bags can offer up to 6 crops in one season. Then you will get salad all year round comfortably on your balcony and you can keep it fresh for a long time in the fridge.

1) What to grow

The vegetables that can be grown inside the bags are manifold. These packs can accommodate multiple crops. Tomatoes, aubergines, salad, lettuce, potatoes and any type of aromatic plant are particularly suitable, such as garlic which is really easy to get on the balcony.

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