Heather: How to Care for and Grow This Evergreen Plant

Heather is an evergreen plant, resistant to freezing temperatures, of which there are several varieties. In spring, this plant colors our gardens and terraces with its small bell-shaped flowers. However, its maintenance and irrigation require special precautions. Here are some rules to cultivate properly the heather and get a beautiful bloom.

The right soil and regular watering

Heather necessarily requires a type of soil suitable for acidophilic plants, useful to avoid excess limestone and drought, to be replaced every 2 years.

In addition to the presence of iron in its composition, it is essential that the soil also contains sand, to facilitate the drainage of water, and peat, which increases its acidity. Irrigation must be carried out regularly every 15 days to allow the soil to remain moist and do not contain excessive amounts of water. Remember that in the case of medium-hard water, you will need to water your heather with rainwater or demineralized water.

Plant maintenance and repotting

The arrival of spring coincides with the splendid flowering of heather. So, just before the start of this season, you will have to prune the branches and dry flowers of the plant and replace the old soil with a fresh one, specific for acidophilic plants. In this way, the heather will be ready for the production of the small bell-shaped flowers, characteristic of the plant. Furthermore, this season, together with the autumn one, represents the ideal period to proceed with the repotting of the plant. Remember, however, to create a layer of expanded clay on the bottom of the pot in order to avoid stagnant water.

Attention to exposure

Heather is an evergreen plant that adapts to the place where it is grown. This plant, in fact, requires exposure to sunlight, in areas subject to very cold temperatures; on the contrary, you will have to provide it with a more shady position if you live in a torrid place or with fairly warm temperatures.

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