3 Rules to Respect to Grow Tomatoes in Pots

Being able to create a garden on the balcony using simple pots means having the opportunity to always get fresh vegetables without having to buy it and with the certainty of growing it in a natural way.

To grow tomatoes in pots, you don’t have to be an expert, but you need to respect the basic rules to make the plant grow luxuriantly.

It does not matter if the space available is not very large because in the right position and with the right care even a single tomato plant will give, at the beginning of summer, a lot of sweet vegetables.

Preparing a tasty salad or Caprese will certainly have an extra flavor and will give you great satisfaction being able to cook dishes with the ingredients that you have managed to grow with your own hands.

Let’s find out the 3 basic rules for growing tomatoes in pots.

3) Essential rules for growing tomatoes in pots

First, you will need to bring a vase. To plant one plant at a time you will need one 30 centimeters. To place several tomato seedlings in one, it is advisable to use a rectangular pot, so that there is space between one plant and another. Equally important is the choice of terrain. The most suitable is soil with a pH of 5.5 to 6.8, rich in organic fertilizer or compost. A suitable period for planting tomatoes in May and you can choose between different varieties. For a smaller quality, it is better to opt for the cherry one, for a larger tomato the San Marzano and the Ox heart are indicated.

2) Procedure for growing tomatoes in pots

To plant tomatoes it will be necessary to fill the pots with soil only for two-thirds of their capacity and to pot the seedlings with a stem inclination of 45 degrees at a distance of at least 12 centimeters from each other. Only afterward will it be necessary to fill completely with earth and water well. In the following days, the plant will grow perfectly straight fixing itself to the ground. Only when it begins to weigh is it advisable to insert support so that it remains vertical. The best position to grow the tomato plant in a sunny area.

1) How to water potted tomatoes

During the growth period of the plant, it is advisable to wet the soil twice a week, always after sunset. In the event that the leaves are wrinkled, it is necessary to water more frequently. So, it is good to make sure that the soil in the pots is never too dry and never wet the leaves, in order to avoid the appearance of fungal diseases or aphids that would require specific treatments. By following these 3 basic rules in June you can taste tasty tomatoes.

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